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Agendas and Minutes

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Click on images to view and download agendas and minutes.

old man typing on keyboard

June 2020 Agenda

phone and pen sitting on empty book

May 2020 Minutes

glasses and pen sitting on journal

May 2020 Agenda

glasses on desk next to calculator

April 2020 Minutes

rolled up calendar

April 2020 Agenda

caluculator on graph paper

March 2020 Minutes

pencil sitting on open book

March 2020 Agenda

jar of coins next to calculator

February 2020 Minutes

person holding phone and pen

February 2020 Agenda

pencil drawing on project timeline document

January 2020 Minutes

person pressing button on cell phone

January 2020 Agenda

pencil sitting on excel documents

December 2019 Minutes


December 2019 Minutes

person typing on keyboard

November 2019 Minutes

notebook, pen, and calculator on desk

November 2019 Agenda

image of graph by time

October 2019 Minutes

glasses sitting on notebook

October 2019 Agenda

hand-drawn pie graph

September 2019 Minutes

rolled up calendar

September 2019 Agenda

pen on ripped paper

August 2019 Minutes

calendar page from 2006

August 2019 Agenda